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Hi, I'm Zack!

I’m a wedding photographer now. But once upon a time I was in your shoes - seeing a ton of options and not quite sure what to do. Counting down the days to October 28th 2016 - the day I would marry my wife in Tryon, NC.

When our wedding day came it was a blur of happy emotions. I can’t remember many of the specifics of what exactly happened that day, but I’ll never forget how I felt at the end of the day. The ceremony, the music and dancing, and above all the memories and the little moments that we created with the people who we love most in this world.

The little moments…

Grandmother’s smile as she dances with the bride and grandpa watching with love and contentment in his eyes. 
The tears running down Dad’s face as he walks his baby-girl toward her new husband. Followed by the embrace at the end of the aisle that feels too quick so she hangs on just a little longer.
Laughter filling the room as the best man shares stories from their college years that no one else knew.
These are the moments that create stories. And if I'm your photographer, I look forward to documenting your greatest story yet.

Cheers and congratulations to you both,

Our Moments...

A few personal photos from my life. Because If you're going to open up with me, I want to do the same.

I only take on 20 weddings per year so that every couple I work with has an incredible tailored experience and I get to hear about the moments like this that are special to you.

How I Do It