Hi, I'm Zack!

Husband, Dog Dad, Outdoor Enthusiast, Beer Loving Nerd

I’m a wedding photographer now. But once upon a time I was in your shoes - seeing a ton of options and not quite sure what to do. Counting down the days to October 28th 2016 - the day I would marry my wife at an equestrian facility in Tryon, NC.

As the months leading up to our wedding date slipped by, the stress began to build. Like you, we researched, we planned, and we hoped that everything would come together.

When our wedding day came it was a blur of happy emotions. I can’t remember many of the specifics of what exactly happened that day, but I’ll never forget how I felt at the end of the day. 

My team and I strive to give you a feeling of relief by know you have a passionate photographer, who keeps the day fun while intentionally capturing Dynamic, Elegant, & Timeless photographs for you.

Having peace of mind that ZBP will provide you with unmatched care and impactful images - I want you to say, “Let’s do that again!” after your own wedding.

With Zack Bradley Photography, you're getting more than just a photographer.
You're getting a friend who cares about making sure you're comfortable so that you can look your absolute best! You're getting an industry insider to work with your other vendors and create a seamless timeline. A nuptial tour guide, if you will, to recommend epic engagement locations, venues, vendors, and more. I'll be there to capture all the little moments and then some. 

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Back in 2012 I met the most amazing and beautiful soul on this planet, Rachael. I knew we were in this for the long haul and put a ring on it. She's the one who got me into photography and in 2016 I devoted myself to becoming a wedding photographer. In 2018 after being an associate photographer for one of SC's premier wedding  studios I created my own brand and founded Zack Bradley Photography.

I'm also a dog dad to 3 pups, the comic relief in most situations, and I’ve been called the songbird of my generation by those that have heard me sing. <-- If you get that reference we should be friends.