Hi, I'm Zack!

Husband, Outdoor Enthusiast, Beer Loving Nerd

I'm also a dog dad to 3 pups, the comic relief in most situations, and I’ve been called the songbird of my generation by those that have heard me sing. <-- If you get that reference we should be friends.

Imagine you're walking down the aisle and your photographer has their back turned taking photos of a butterfly in the grass until someone taps their shoulder. If a photographer doesn't know how the wedding day flows, this is definitely something that could happen. Luckily, over the last 6 years as a photographer I've developed a flow that makes for a stress free wedding day for you! Our conversations leading up to your wedding ensure that you're able to trust me to document your day with the perfect amount of subtle direction when needed. I guarantee that you'll feel  a sense of peace knowing that ZBP is photographing your wedding.

Back in 2012 I met the most amazing and beautiful soul on this planet, Rachael. After dating for 5 years I knew we were in this for the long haul and put a ring on it. She's the one who got me into photography by shooting landscapes and learning how light works. In 2016 I devoted myself to becoming a professional  wedding photographer because people deserve amazing images and an easy stress free experience. I spent the next few years as an associate photographer for one of South Carolina’s premier wedding companies honing my skills and learning the ins and outs of the wedding day and in 2018 founded Zack Bradley Photography. 

With Zack Bradley Photography, you're getting more than just a photographer. You're getting a friend who cares about making sure you're comfortable so that you can look your absolute best! You're getting a planner to work with your other vendors and create a seamless timeline. A nuptial tour guide, if you will, to recommend epic engagement locations, venues, vendors, and more. I'll be there to capture all the little moments and then some. 

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Things I like: Dogs, tacos, good beer, Coffee, misquoting old movies, Harry Potter and most other fantasy novels, mountains, Parks & Rec, oceans and trees, quiet time in the mornings before anyone else is up.

Things I dislike: Olives. The Twilight Saga. Water that’s just pretending to be beer. The fact that I can only ever eat about 50% of a Nature Valley bar, the rest turns into crumbs and disappears in the cracks of your car. Olives again.

Stress Free Booking Process:

1.- After filling out the contact form, I'll reach out to you and schedule a meet-up where we can get to know each other.

2.- We'll review your needs and options, then customize a package that's perfect for you!

3.- Lastly, we'll sign the contract and you'll render the retainer fee to hold your date. (The retainer is always $1000 so even if you decide to upgrade later, you're covered!)

Your Wedding Journey:

1.- We'll schedule and shoot your engagement & bridal sessions.

2.- Together we create your timeline and photo plan over the coming months.

3.- Wedding Day: My team captures your Dream Wedding perfectly!

4.- Photos are edited in 7 Days! we'll have a reveal night to view your photos and design your album complete with your favorite drinks and snacks!

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