Cannon Centre Wedding | Saray & Luz

Saray and Luz’s wedding day was one I’ll never forget!
They found me while they were searching for someone to do engagement photos and when we met we hit it off right away! We decided to do their engagement session at Caesar’s Head State Park which you can view here.

Fast-forward to the wedding day.

As Saray prepped in one of the spare rooms of Jesus Our Risen Savior Catholic Church, Luz greeted friends and family along with the other groomsmen at the front door. I took a few moments to capture Saray getting ready and then did a few shots of her in her beautiful gown before setting up for the ceremony. The ceremony began and Luz stood waiting for his bride to come down and was smiling ear to ear as the doors opened and she came into view.

This is about the moment when I realized the entire service would be in Spanish. Guess who doesn’t speak Spanish. This guy! I was on high alert the entire ceremony for any little changes so that I wouldn’t miss anything and it all worked out to make some great images. After the ceremony we all had a laugh about it and went to the Cannon Centre in downton Greer, SC.

The Cannon Centre is a beautiful space and Saray’s family had done a great job setting up all the details including a huge fruit display and one of the most impressive DJ setups I’ve seen. I seriously felt like we were at a concert!

During the reception they did the dollar dance where friends and family pinned money to Saray & Luz to buy a quick dance with them. It was so popular that some people came through twice and this went on for 5 songs! There were also a few Mexican wedding traditions that I hadn’t seen before like when Luz stood up on a chair and his groomsmen protected him while the women in the room held hands and wove around trying to get him off the chair. They weren’t successful but then it was the men’s turn and once they got him off the threw him in the air at least 15 feet! It was really wild and such a fun wedding and reception to photograph!

Check out the photos below and let them know what you think in the comments!