Plan The Perfect Engagement Session Wardrobe in 8 Steps

Plan The Perfect Engagement Session Wardrobe in 8 Steps

Picking the perfect engagement wardrobe can be tricky. Do we wear the same colors? Should we wear matching tracksuits? Are crocs okay? There are certain things that make people look great and things to avoid at all costs. So if you’re wondering “what should I wear,” have a look at this guide with 8 easy practical tips to help alleviate some of the stress and ensure that you look your best in every photo. **(By the way, the answer to all those earlier questions is NO.)**

Stylish engagement session in downtown Greenville SC

Now before we get into it, the bulk of this is for ladies who will be choosing clothes for everyone (because let’s be real, most guys have one pair of jeans they wear until they get a hole in them and then buy a new pair of the exact same type.) So with that in mind, here are a few preliminary tips for the guys:

  • If you’re going to wear jeans, the darker the better. Black jeans are even good for this.
  • A gentleman always wears a button-down shirt. Polo shirts aren’t a good look unless you’re golfing. Some exceptions can be made for neutral colored t-shirts with no writing or logo.
  • Your shoes and belt should match.
  • Unless it’s 100 degrees bring a blazer, it gives you options and makes you look like you own a Ferrari.
  • Iron your shirt and slacks.
  • Please don’t wear white socks with dark pants. On the note of footwear -no sandals unless we’re at the beach.
  • Hats should be left at home or in the car.
  • And lastly, remember to get a haircut a few days before so you won’t have that bit of hair on the back of your neck.


Now, on to the main event…

1. Be comfortable. If your clothes are too far outside your level of comfort you’ll look awkward and won’t be able to focus on each other. If jean’s and a T-shirt are your go-to, then find something closer to that style. But be sure to match the outfit to your shoot location. (A T-shirt would look really out of place in a hotel lobby or elegant space.)

2. Complimentary colors look better than flat out matching.

When deciding on outfits for your session, look for complementary colors and solid prints (no sailboat print shorts!) Try to stay away from anything too busy, it can be a distraction in the photos.

Check out this super informative blog about wardrobe color theory on Ivy and Pearl to learn more about how to pair your outfits.

Romantic engagement session at Graveyard Fields

3. Choose pastels, cool colors, and neutral tones and avoid being too bright! Bright colors like orange and yellow are not only unflattering in photos, but they distract from your faces and often clash with the background colors. Try to stick with pastels, cool and neutral tones as much as possible but feel free to add in bright accessories or jewelry.

Closeup of couple at Campbells Covered Bridge Engagement Session

4. Try to create a timeless look and stay away from fads in your engagement wardrobe. I grew up in the 90’s so I know a thing or two about poor clothing choices. So let’s leave the track suit at home for this one.

Down river romantic Engagement Session

5. Bring accessories to swap out with your outfits! A necklace or bracelet can change the look of an outfit for ladies and are easy to slip on and off to create variety in the album. The same goes for a suit jacket and tie for guys. It’s always a great idea to start off fancy AF and get more casual from there.

6. Keep it simple by sticking to no more than two outfits. It’s better to focus on each other and have genuine emotion and expressions in your photos than to have 7 different shirts with the same pose and smile.

Sunlit mist at Looking Glass Falls Engagement Session

7. Clothing looks best when it fits properly. Knowing your body type and choosing styles that accentuate your assets is the first step to designing a successful outfit. If you’re unsure, check out the descriptions below to see which look works best for you.

  • Pear-Shaped: To show off your curves, cinch the waist with an A-line silhouette that flares at the bottom.
  • Apple-Shaped: An A-line style with a gradual flow from the waist to the legs is always flattering. This shape is also great for a dress with texture and/or a deep V-neck.
  • Busty: Scoop and sweetheart necklines offer support and move the focus to the face rather than the bust.
  • Small Chest: Look for textured styles to create fullness in the chest area.
  • Plus Size: Engagement photos featuring an empire-waist dress are the go-to move. They’re super flattering and emphasize the smallest portion under the bust, creating the effect of a slender silhouette from top to bottom.
Engagement Session looking through the intricate wall of the Biltmore Estate

 8. Think about the season and weather. Short sleeves and flip flops don’t work for Winter engagements (or any engagement wardrobe really, just don’t do it), while scarves and flannel would be miserable in the Summer.

-Bundle up with lots of layers for Fall and Winter sessions. These cold weather accessories make for outstanding looks and are easily interchangeable to create versatility!

-For Spring and Summer, channel beach vibes by wearing a sundress, shorts, or by planning a romantic session in the water!

Snowy kissing engagement session photo at Bear Wallow Mountain

Want to see some examples? Check out this gorgeous session at Caesar’s Head State Park and this Looking Glass Falls Engagement to get some inspiration for your engagement wardrobe!

So now you have all the tools you need to plan the perfect wardrobe for your engagement session. Be sure to plan ahead and put your own personalities into it!

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