How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer -

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Your photographer will be with you more than any other vendor on your wedding day.

Each moment of your wedding day from seeing your partner at the end of the aisle for the first time, to taking photos with grandparents all happen so quickly. Having quality images of all the people and little details from your wedding day to look at years down the road is something deeply emotional and gratifying.

Thinking of it in those terms you can see why it’s so important to have a professional photographer that you can trust to document every event in a beautiful way.


How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Do Some Research –

It’s easy to get overwhelmed while looking for a photographer. There’s SO MANY options. That’s why before you even begin contacting companies you should at least do the following.

  • Google wedding photos at your venue

  • Make a Pinterest board with photos you like

    • Look for patterns to see what your favorite style is

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a solid idea of what kind of photography style you’ll receive and you can suggest shots that you really love. You’ll also be more prepared to compare the quality and range of skills of your photographer.

Decide What You Need –

For example, do you want 2 photographers, video, and a photobooth? Or does photo only sound better to you?

This isn’t something that you have to nail down at this point but it’s good to have an idea of what you’d like to have going into the next step.


Have a realistic discussion about your budget

  • Knowing what you’re budget range going into your search will narrow down the field

  • Keep in mind that your photographer provides memories of moments that only happen once. Find someone you trust to get it right

  • Most photographers will give you starting prices up front and ask to speak in person or hop on a phone call before sharing their upper pricing

  • It really does pay to have the best you can afford but remember that generally price reflects experience

Browse Photographer Portfolio’s

Take some time to scroll through the portfolio of any photographer you’re considering. Don’t just look for examples of the weddings they’ve captured though. You’ll also need to be looking at their different styles, how they use light and posing. Some things to ask yourself from a photographers view point –

  • Do the people look happy and comfortable?

  • Are the photos sharp and in focus?

  • Does this photographer have the style I want?

  • Is there variety?

Connect with Your Photographer –

Once you’ve found someone that you think checks all the boxes, reach out to them! It’s super easy to shoot a message on social media or an email. Most have a contact form on their websites to make it even easier! If there phone number is listed don’t be afraid to give them a call as well. Use this initial conversation to gauge their personality and passion.

Great photographers are going to want to invest their time and energy into making sure you have an amazing experience!

Make a Game Plan With Your Photographer –

When you finally talk with your photographer, create a plan. Everything from the time of year to where you’ll be married will effect the outcome of your photos. If there’s a particular shot that you’re in love with, talk it through with your photographer and they can help make sure all the pieces are in place for that moment!

Pre-wedding sessions for your engagement or bridals is the perfect time for your photographer to gauge how you feel in front of the camera. It’s also a great point for you to talk about any questions you may have. I always plan to hangout with my couples after their engagement session to really connect and talk over drinks.

At this point if you feel confident in your choice of style and feel comfortable with a photographer, then go for it! Now you can sit back, relax and trust your professional photographer to capture those memories for you.

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