Shot List

Getting Ready
Wedding invite shots
Hung dresses, shoes, and displayed pieces of jewelry shots
Bridal party relaxed and having fun
Shots of hair and make-up session for the bride and her girls
Corsages and bouquets
Bride’s mother placing the veil on the bride
Close shots of Intricate details and embellishments of wedding dress
Bridal party helping the bride put on her pieces of jewelry and shoes
Portrait of bride and mom
Photo of bride and dad
Portrait of parents with the bride
Close shots of the bride holding her bouquet
Reflective quiet moments of the bride
Bridal party stepping out of the house
The bride and her father stepping out for the ceremony
Shots of the groom getting ready with his groomsmen
Groomsmen banter
Close up shot of wedding rings

Photography of the interior and exterior decor of the church or venue
The groom and his groomsmen waiting up the aisle
Wedding guest pictures
Sharing of programs by ushers
The bride and bridal entourage arrival
The bride exiting the car
The entrance of the bridal party, starting with the flower girl and her petals
Bride’s father and bride walking up the aisle
Reflex reaction of the groom
The bride’s father gives the bride away
Saying of vows
Unity candle lighting
The ring bearer
The ring exchange
The readers, officiants and other participants
The first kiss shared
Snapshots of register signing
Shots of the couple walking down the aisle hand in hand
First shots as newlyweds
Shots when throwing the bouquet
Guests exchanging pleasantries
Loved up shots of the couple in the back of their wedding car


Couple together portrait
Bride portrait
Groom portrait
The kissing couple
Shots of the couple sitting on the spread out wedding dress
Couple at special sites like ruins, wood, or beach
Bride and groom showing their rings
The couple lost in each other’s gaze

Bridal Party
Bride with couple entourage
Groom with couple entourage
Couple together with their wedding party
Bridesmaids and maid of honor with the bride
Groomsmen and best man with the groom
Page boy and flowers girl with the couple
Couple with the vicar and registrars

Bride with her parents
Bride with the groom’s parents
Groom with his parents
Groom with the bride’s parents
Bride with both sets of parents
Groom with both sets of parents
Couple with the bride’s parents
Bride and groom with groom’s parents
Couple with both sets of parents
Siblings and the couple
The couple and close family

Interior and exterior décor of the reception venue
Wedding cake details close up shots
Floral perfection details close up shots
Lighting close up shots
Welcoming of the guests by the couple
Wedding guest book signing by guests
Guests settling in
Pictures of the loved up bride and groom toasting on their comfy couch
Wedding gifts
Wedding Toasts
Speech for best man
Speeches and meal session for guests
Speech for the bride’s father
Speech for groom
Couple first dance
Father-daughter dance
Mother son dance
Family and guests on the dance floor
Reception games
Cutting of wedding cake
Bouquet toss by the bride
The exit of the bride and groom from the wedding
Snapshots of ceremonial car