Picking the Right Vibe

In a perfect world and with unlimited funds, the sky is the limit for what your wedding day can be…

So you met the love of your life, you got engaged, and now it feels like you’ve got a billion tasks ahead of you to plan a wedding. That’s why it’s super important to decide on the aesthetic (vibe for anyone born after 2000) of your wedding and reception as early as possible! Once you’ve decided on the general aesthetic for your day, it becomes so much easier to sift through the countless options and hone in on something that’s uniquely you.

Below I’ve listed a few questions you should ask yourself to really dial in on what you want.

  • How do I want my wedding to FEEL?

    This is a very important and often overlooked aspect of planning your wedding and reception. Think hard on this as every other part of the day will effect how your wedding feels. This should be unique to your personality; things like romantic, dreamy, and memorable are descriptions of 20 other wedding happening that day. But what about YOUR wedding? Have you always wanted an intimate, cozy dinner reception with soft music and great conversation over cocktails? Or is a luxurious, formal ceremony with a huge party more your speed? If you chose the intimate option, then candlelight and a 4 course menu may be the right move. While the second option would be more inclined to have a live band with lots of uplighting and extravagant decor.

  • How should my wedding and reception LOOK?

    This is what most people think of when they think of their wedding vibes. Start by thinking about your favorite places to hangout. What do they look like? If you’re outdoorsy then maybe you want overflowing florals everywhere. If your favorite shops are light and airy, then maybe choose a venue that has lots of natural window light. You can go full blown Hollywood glam here or traditional and refined or anywhere in between!

  • What vendors do I need to help me attain this?

    Planning a wedding is a ton of work no matter how big or small it is. Having the right people that you can trust to do their jobs right and to help keep you sane in the process is a must! There are vendors that are completely behind the scenes on the day of like caterers and florists. But most are going to be interacting with you or your guests the entire day. Photographers and coordinators will be your main point of contact throughout the day while DJ’s, bartenders, and venue staff are more geared towards serving your guests and keeping them entertained.

    Make sure that you click with these vendors (and for photographers make sure you’re in love with their work!)

  • What do I want to take away from the day?

    The obvious answer here is a husband/wife. But I want you to think really deeply on this for a moment. Creating memories is what this day is all about right? So when it comes to preserving those memories think about your routes. You can either have digital files that sit on a USB in your junk drawer that you never print or look at. Or, you can have beautiful archival quality albums and prints from a professional lab that you’ll be able to pull out 50 years from now to show your grandchildren your wedding. For me it’s an easy decision and that’s why I include an album credit in most of my photography packages.

    If it’s important to you to have something physical to take away, then I highly recommend working with your photographer to create these heirlooms for your home.