I realized as I watched them that this exact reason is why I became a wedding photographer in Charleston: capturing meaningful images for my couples to re-live the little moments that filled their hearts with happiness on their wedding day.

After serving in the Navy, I found myself searching for a career where I could offer something back to the world. So when I had an opportunity to apprentice some of the top wedding photographers in South Carolina, I jumped at the chance.

After nearly a decade as a Charleston wedding photographer, I'm still excited to create elegant, meaningful images from all of the little moments while genuine couples vow their love and support to one another.

So if you're looking for a wedding photographer in Charleston SC and you'd like to see what sets me apart, I'd love for you to spend some time exploring and see what it's like working with me to create beautiful wedding photography in Charleston and beyond

The sun is setting as Lauren & Michael embrace...

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...as they take in their surroundings in a moment of quiet together. Then, it finally hits home that they're married. They look down the hill to see all the people they care for most in the world dancing and smiling...and almost in unison whisper "I love you."

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Published and Award Winning Charleston Wedding Photographer

10 Amazing Years as a Wedding Photographer in Charleston & Beyond

I mean, the goal is to have fun and make memories right?

You deserve to feel completely comfortable in front of the camera and get magazine worthy images while not having to worry about missing out.

With my team of Charleston wedding photographers, I deliver a worry-free wedding photography experience by getting to know what you deeply value.  

This allows you to live in the moment. Giving you photos that are timeless, and impactful.

So let loose, be yourselves, & make memories that you’ll tell people about for years to come. 

Be free to truly experience your wedding day, not stress about it.

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