Cliffs at Glassy Chapel

A newlywed couple smile broadly and hold hands as they exit their wedding at the Cliffs at Glassy chapel - she also hold a very colorful bouquet and wears a strapless dress while he wears a full tuxedo and bowtie combination.

Getting Married at the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel

Sitting gracefully atop Glassy Mountain in Landrum, South Carolina, Glassy Chapel truly feels like you’re on the edge of the Earth. The chapel stands as a testament to both natural beauty and architectural elegance and it has earned widespread acclaim as one of the nation’s most stunning venues for ceremonies. Originally conceived as a place of worship by visionary developers, this chapel has evolved into a coveted wedding venue, enticing couples with its breathtaking surroundings and timeless charm.

Its distinctive stone walls lend an air of rustic charm and intimacy, creating a truly spectacular setting. Inside, you’ll be surrounded by windows that allow the distant Blue Ridge Mountains to take center stage. Adorned with stone arches and rich hardwood accents, the chapel offers seating for up to 200 guests, all of whom can enjoy an unparalleled view that spans up to 75 miles on clear days. It’s no wonder that Glassy Chapel is among the nation’s most sought-after ceremony venues. For receptions, the chapel is a 45-minute drive from multiple wedding venues in Greenville or Asheville, making the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel the perfectly flexible wedding ceremony venue.

Watching the sun set over the mountains as the stars begin to twinkle in the night sky is the best part of the magic that is the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel experience. It is an absolutely unforgettable setting to begin your journey through life with one another, where it really feels like dreams are realized and your story can take center stage as you make memories to last a lifetime.

Venue Details

Max Capacity: 216
Address: 98 The Cliffs Parkway Landrum, SC 29356
Phone: (864) 663-8103
Website: Cliffs at Glassy Chapel

Real Weddings from the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel

Jennifer & Thomas

  • A silhouette of a bride and groom holding hands through the open doors of the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel with the entire chapel in view.

Amy & Will

  • A bride and groom share a kiss while walking down the aisle from their ceremony after saying "I do" at the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel.
  • Bride and groom share a kiss during their exit, surrounded by family in front of Aurora Farms wedding venue.

Kate & Kevin