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Edinburgh West Wedding Venue

Edinburgh West (Located at 3705 Locust Hill Rd, Taylors, SC 29687) is a contemporary venue based on classical English conservatories. It is a mostly inclusive venue meaning that wedding coordination, flowers, catering, wedding fixtures, and linens are all provided. The property can accommodate several hundred people and boasts multiple ceremony locations both in and outdoors.

The glass conservatory gives a unique open feel to any event while still protecting your guests from the elements! Edinburgh West brings a sense of elegance to the Upstate of South Carolina and would be the perfect location for your upscale wedding or event.

I can attest that the photos/videos that we can create at Edinburgh West are unlike anything else around! And if you think the video above makes it look amazing, wait until you see it all lit up at night. The background alone is enough to make your wedding photography amazing. But, paired with the right photographer, your images will be on another level! Book your tour today and check it out for yourself.


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