Wedding Guide | 15 Things You May Not Have Thought About

With all the excitement of getting engaged and planning your wedding, things can begin to blur together and fall through the cracks. To help you make the most of your day, I’ve put together in this wedding guide a list of 15 things that are often missed or looked over! From small details to the bigger picture, I’m sure you’ll take away at least a few things from this wedding guide.

So without further adieu…

1. Drink water and eat something leading up to the ceremony!

No matter how well planned or how beautiful your wedding is, it’s still a long day for you. Keep hydrated and snack throughout the day to make sure to keep your energy up.

2. Tell your guests to put their phones away.

Although it’s a common courtesy to keep your phone on silent and hidden away during someones wedding ceremony, it doesn’t always go that way. Having cell phones hanging out in the middle of the aisle or raised over peoples heads not only creates horrible photos but they also distract people from the reason they’re there in the first place. To avoid this, place signs at the entrance or get your officiant to make an announcement.

3. Have your hair & makeup done by a professional.

Also, make sure you allow enough time for everyone to be done. Most professionals will have a team and can bring an appropriate amount of helpers for larger bridal parties. Extra Tip – set up a trial run for yourself on the day of your bridal session to make sure that you love the look you’ve chosen.

4. Work alongside your photographer and planner to create the best timeline.

The timeline is the one piece of machinery that makes your wedding day run like clockwork or…not. Work with your photographer to create a timeline that allots enough time for all the days events without stressing anyone out. Professional photographers and planners know how long each part of the day should take. They can help to nail down all the important details so that you can seamlessly transition from one event to the next.

5. Have a game plan for kids.

Kids, they’re just you but smaller. They get bored when there is nothing for the to do and in my experience, most weddings aren’t very kid-centric. So instead of them weaving through your legs during your first dance, make a kiddie corner. Complete with games, coloring books, and snacks just for them. Some babysitting services even offer to come to your wedding and entertain the munchkins so that all the parents can unwind and party with you!

6. Check with your vendors about potential overtime.

Most vendors charge larger hourly rates if time is added on the day of the wedding. Others aren’t allowed to go over the contracted time for legal and insurance reasons. So be sure to check each vendor’s policy on staying later than agreed on. If you’re thinking you may run over, it’s usually best to go ahead and book the extra time.

7. Keep your bridal/groom suite tidy.

Put 3-10 people in a 15’x15′ room and ask them to get ready and there is bound to be a bit of disorganization. To get the best photos, your photographer needs a clean slate where they won’t have to shoot around half empty water bottles and open suitcases. Taking 10 minutes to straiten up and store clutter away in the closet or under the bed pays off big time!

8. Put all of your bridal details in your shoe box to help your photographer.

This sort of goes along with the last tip. But, by storing all of your bridal details with your shoes you’re doing two things: keeping all of your accessories together so nothing gets lost in the chaos that is a bridal suite, and saving time so your photographer can shoot your details more creatively. This includes things like shoes, garter, jewelry, save the dates, invitations, wedding bands, etc.

9. Give your DJ a “Do Not Play” list.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, if you hate the Jonas Brothers then that’s something your DJ should know! Nothing stops the dance party like a song that you hate. You should have a discussion with your DJ about the vibe of your wedding.

10. Ask your officiant if they’ll step out of frame for the first kiss.

The photo above is a perfect example of this. By stepping to the side right before your first kiss, your officiant is no longer a distraction.

11. If your bridal shop offers to steam your dress for you, ask if they’ll let you do it closer to your wedding or bridal session.

Getting your dress steamed right before your bridal session or your wedding is going to have you looking your best. Do this to avoid letting wrinkles set in from hanging in your closet.

12. Designate someone to make a plate for each of you.

This is advice from my own wedding. We had a friend cater our wedding and we didn’t try the foods beforehand. During the cocktail hour there was some sort of dip that EVERYONE was talking about. There was not more dip. I have still not had the dip. GET SOMEONE TO MAKE YOU A PLATE OF DIP. That is all.

13. If you have a choice for getting ready (or really any part of the day), pick a room with large windows to create nice even light.

This is me sort of selfishly wanting you to be in the perfect place for the perfect photos all the time. If you’re in a room with great natural light, that means no artificial light is needed and your photographer can focus more on the what rather than the how.

14. Bring a change of clothing.

Packing a small bag with some essentials and fresh clothes can be a real game changer! Having a grab and go bag for the zombie apocalypse your wedding make your wedding night and the morning after much easier. Especially if you’re leaving for your honeymoon the next day! If you want to be sure and look great, this guide to picking out your engagement outfit is applicable year-round!

15.Book a hotel room block.

If you have family coming from out of town, then this is the move to make everyone happy. By booking a block of rooms at a hotel (whether it’s where you’re getting married, or just one that’s close to your venue) you’ll be able to lock in discounted rates and have the whole family together in an easily avoidable accessible area! You can find more info on booking hotel blocks here.