How to Schedule Your Day Like A Boss

First off, I’ll start by saying that there are two main ways to schedule your day: Golden Hour and First Look.

Golden Hour

For a Golden Hour schedule, the couple does not see each other before the
ceremony. The first time you see one another will be at the ceremony just before
you join together as one. All of your loved ones will be there to witness this truly
emotional and epic moment.

The reason we call it the Golden Hour timeline is because the majority of your
portraits together will likely take place later in the day when the sun is lower in
the sky providing the most beautiful, golden light for your photographs.
The Golden Hour schedule is pretty common but has some issues that will need
to be addressed. Prior to the ceremony, only photos of the bridesmaids and
groomsmen will be taken.

After the ceremony, family formals will immediately take place, we then try
and gather the entire bridal party for a couple group shots, and then the couple
has their Portrait Session. In most situations, this is happening during the
cocktail hour. We then head directly to the reception.
There are some pros & cons to doing the Golden Hour timeline.


1. It’s the classic route. You may be that person that has always envision coming
down the aisle to your fiance seeing you for the first time!

2. That light! The ideal time for photographs is 1-2 hours before sunset. The sun
is lower and and the light is softer. Doing the Golden Hour route allows for
shooting later in the day. Winter weddings, be aware that the timeline may
need to be adjusted due to the sun setting much earlier. Here is a huge tip!
Simply Google “Sunset dd/mm/yyyy” and the exact sunset time for your
wedding date will pop up.

3. No more stress! The wedding is over; the hard part is finished. Let’s go enjoy
our time together and take some portraits. Couples love the idea of the
“anticipation” being over and are able to and fully relax!


1. The biggest con is a scheduling. Some weddings only allow for an hour in
between the ceremony and reception. This means that family formals, bridal
party, and your portrait session all happens in 1 hour. This is very doable as
long as you are ok staying at one location and understand that you won’t have
gobs and gobs of portraits of just the two of you.

2. If cocktail hour is something you value and you only have 1 hour, chances are that you won’t be able to attend much of it if you are going with the Golden Hour timeline. However, if you have more time in between the ceremony and the reception you will be a-ok to enjoy the merriment!

3. We would suggest not to do a receiving line with the Golden Hour timeline.
Receiving lines can take upwards to an hour. Again, you will need as much time
as you can get after the ceremony to take all the photographs you need!

First Look.

So what exactly is the first look?
Simply put – it’s when you spend some time before the ceremony (yes, before) in
a private moment where we get to capture the intimacy of you two seeing each
other for the first time on the wedding day.
Typically, we’ll scout out a spot that is remote, romantic, and away from guests.
From there, we’ll guide you two towards a secret rendezvous just for you. Not
only does this make for some amazing memories and photographs, but you get
to share in a private moment just between the two of you!


  1. You get to spend a lot more time with your soon to be husband/wife! Many
    past couples have mentioned that seeing each other prior to the ceremony helps
    calm nerves as well.
  2. From the photography side of things, you will have much more time.
  3. The time between the ceremony and reception doesn’t have to drag out.
    Because most of the photographs are completed, the reception can start much
  4. Winter weddings! Because it gets dark out much earlier it may make sense to
    do a first look so that you can take photographs while it’s still light outside!


  1. Days typically start earlier. Due to most of the photographs being before the
    ceremony, everyone has to get ready earlier in the day.
  2. Quality of light may not be as good. First off, this can totally depend on
    weather and the season of your wedding. Like we talked about earlier, shooting
    as close to sunset is the ideal situation.
  3. Tradition. Many couples want to follow standard wedding traditions, and
    that’s ok! If a first look is always what you dreamed of, then do it! It’s your
    wedding day! You only get one!

Things to Consider

The Logistics

  1. Getting Ready Close to One Another
    We highly recommend for our couples to get ready as close as possible! We have
    had it happen in the past that the couple were over 30 minutes away from each
    other. This may cause some troubles in the timeline as we may have to spend a
    lot of time driving instead of capturing moments!
  2. Hotel vs. Home
    There are some pros and cons to getting ready at a Hotel vs Home.
    Let’s start with getting ready in a hotel. First off, there is going to be less clutter
    in a hotel room! When there’s less clutter, it’s easier to find good, clean light. It’s
    one thing for us to move a chair in a hotel vs. a chair, some decor and 3 picture
    frames that would be in your home. Another big pro is that everyone is in one
    spot. This easily allows for us to go back and forth between the guys and girls
    capturing far more moments.
    The biggest reason for getting ready at home is for storytelling. If you have always
    dreamed of walking down your grand staircase to dad seeing you for the first
    time, then do it!
  3. Receiving Lines
    What starts out as a really nice cushion of time for photographs is suddenly
    whittled down to 15 minutes because no one ever realizes how long a receiving
    line takes until they’re actually in one. As a good rule of thumb, you’ll need to
    allow about 15 seconds for each guest. So if you have around 100 guests, now
    you’re looking at 20-30 minutes of just standing in a line. Consider visiting the
    guests at their table at the reception instead, or dismissing guests by row at the
  1. Natural Light
    It is the biggest point of photography – lighting. It creates each photo, gives a
    uniqueness like no other, and makes everything better! Natural lighting is not
    only flattering, it’s all around fabulous! And for the most important day of your
    life, you want to be sure and incorporate as much of it as you can into your
    schedule, especially for photographs. Wedding party, family, and your portraits
    are best taken in natural light because it creates the best aesthetic for the
    photographs. What you love about our photos is the natural-ness… and lighting
    plays a huge part of that! So, can you still have a candlelight dinner reception or
    a sunset ceremony? Totally! Just make sure we work together to create a
    schedule that allows plenty of time to capture your important photos ahead of

The Important Stuff

  1. Reveal With the People Who Matter Most
    Do you love the idea of doing a first look, but you don’t want your love to see
    you before walking down the aisle? Consider doing a first look with your
    bridesmaids, dad or anyone else who holds a special place in your heart!
  2. Be Adventurous / Be You!
    When we hand you your wedding album at the end of this, we want you to say,
    “WOW!” Not because these photos are gorgeous (which they will be) but a
    “WOW!” from the story it tells. If you want to get ready at home because that’s
    what is meaningful to you, let’s make it happen. If you decide to not have a
    creative session and go see your grandma at the nursing home instead, then
    let’s please make it happen! If you and your fiance had your first date at a tiny
    little ice cream place and it means the world to you two, then by all means, let’s
    go take some photographs there! Many people worry about where they want to
    take photographs, rather than thinking of why you want to have photographs
    taken at a certain location. We challenge you to dig deep and together, let’s
    come up with a location that will tell your story perfectly.
  3. Don’t Sweat It
    Murphy’s law tells us that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. While we
    refuse to live our entire lives awaiting the pending bad luck headed our way, it’s
    a good reminder that sometimes we have to let go. On your wedding day, this is
    even more important! What time the cake arrives, your uncle who is running
    behind, that darn button that just broke on your dress… all of these things will
    seem so large at the time, but they’re really very small. And guess what? You’re
    getting married!!! Yes, today is that day and it’s all about you! We can’t tell
    you how many times we’ve said,
    “The [church/guests/officiant/band/servers/you fill in the blank] will wait for
    you. You’re the main event and the day can’t go on until you’re ready.”
    It’s so true because not everything will go as planned and we promise that it
    won’t matter to you later! So remember, no matter what it is, just say this:
    “It’s just a _. It’s not going to ruin my day!”

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