The Best Wedding Floral Designers in Greenville, SC

Coral and Mint Green Wedding Tablescape

One of the vendors you’ll hire early in your planning process is your Wedding Floral Designer. They’re the ones who are going to create one-of-a-kind floral designs and installations to make your wedding unforgettable. They’ll also work closely with your Wedding Planner to ensure the floral design elements are cohesive with all other design elements (i.e., linen colors, linen textures, china, chair style and color, etc.). It can be overwhelming when it’s time to search for your Wedding Florist, so we wanted to help by telling you about the floral designers in Greenville, SC who create jaw-dropping floral arrangements and installations.

What is a Wedding Floral Designer? Aren’t they all just Florists?

The biggest difference between a Floral Designer and a Florist is that a Florist has a storefront and usually has a cooler full of flowers available for purchase. 

A Floral Designer has to prep far in advance, place specialty orders, and then spends time designing your florals to make sure they work with the rest of your design. Floral Designers also usually work hand-in-hand with Wedding Planners. They will usually step into a Full-Service Designer role if that is something that you discuss. Floral Designers have a goal of making sure your flowers look their absolute best on your wedding day, whereas a Florist wants to make sure flowers last for a week. 

Can a Wedding Floral Designer also be a Florist? Yes, if they have a storefront and a cooler with fresh flowers. Can a Florist be a Floral Designer? Yes, if they are designing flowers in their shop.

Floral Designers typically work very closely with you. All of these Greenville, SC Wedding Floral Designers will work 1:1 with you to ensure that your wedding vision goes beyond your expectations.

-Top Wedding Floral Designers –

Inn Season

Inn Season, based in Fountain Inn, SC, specializes in providing floral arrangements for a variety of events, including weddings. They go above and beyond and want to make your wedding day memorable with creative and unique custom floral designs. With beautiful, full blooms in their designs, they tend to lean more on the classic and timeless design spectrum. So if you have visions of your wedding having a classic look and feel, then definitely consider hiring Inn Season for your wedding flowers.

Kara Nash Designs

Kara Nash Designs is a mother-daughter duo whose mission is to bring joy and wonder through bespoke florals. They do not disappoint. With fresh and elevated floral arrangements, they make sure their designs are full and lush. You’re not going to get skimpy flowers from Kara Nash Designs. The two women are very creative and talented and will be sure to make sure your vision is executed flawlessly.

Kate Asire Flowers

Kate Asire Flowers is known for her very unique, organic floral designs. The team creates wedding floral arrangements and installations that are unexpected yet refined and romantic. By incorporating plenty of blooms with greenery, and yes—sometimes even weeds, their designs will leave your jaw on the floor as you realize how they were able to not only bring your vision to life but exceed your expectations. Kate will work very closely with you to ensure that your wedding floral design and overall event design incorporate your story and what inspires you as a couple.

Katelyn Pinner

Katelyn Pinner Studio offers floral and event design, and she is known for her organic arrangements and installations that are inspired by nature. Her floral designs feature a lot of texture and lush, full blooms. Katelyn focuses on the color and how it interacts with the venue and the overall color palette. She makes sure that your entire wedding location, design, and theme work together to make a statement.

Urban Petals

Urban Petals, is a high-end floral design studio whose mission is to create beautiful, tailored events that inspire and tell your story in a meaningful way. Located in downtown Greer, they have designed events all over the Southeast and have years of experience. Known for their luxurious and bloom-laden designs, they have a classic yet modern look to their floral designs. Offering floral design and overall event design, you can rest assured that your wedding will look amazing with Urban Petals.

You can’t go wrong by hiring any of these Wedding Floral Designers. They will all take great care of you for your wedding. My only other biggest tip when it comes to hiring your Floral Designer is to not wait. Don’t sit on your decision too long because they tend to get booked very quickly and far in advance. 

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Images by Greenville wedding photographer Zack Bradley.