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Hi, I'm Zack!

Husband, Outdoor Enthusiast, Beer Loving Nerd

I'm also a dog dad to 3 pups, the comic relief in most situations, and I’ve been called the songbird of my generation by those that have heard me sing. <-- If you get that reference we can be friends. 

Things I like: Dogs, tacos, good beer, misquoting old movies, Harry Potter and most other fantasy novels, mountains, quiet time in the mornings before anyone else is up.

Things I dislike: Olives. The Twilight Saga. Water that’s just pretending to be beer. The fact that I can only ever eat about 50% of a Nature Valley bar, the rest turns into crumbs and disappears in the cracks of your car. Olives again. 


The Tribe Has Spoken

"Our wedding pictures were breathtaking!"

The faces of my bridesmaids that made me cry, the moments me and my new husband laughed during the speeches, the reaction of my groom's face as he watched me walk down the aisle, the smile on my dad's face as we danced, and so many more. I didn’t have a videographer, but I didn’t need one. Our memories were forever captured by Zack and his amazing assistant.”

“When we looked through our photos I saw the moments that matched memories in my mind....

 It’s impossible to feel awkward or like a stranger around him because as soon as you meet him you realize he’s down to earth, funny, and you’ll feel like you’ve known him forever!”

"I had tons of people saying that our pictures looked like they belonged in a movie!