Wedding Detail Photos And How They Help You Relive Your Wedding Day

Plan for the Details

Your wedding detail photos list is an important part of those last few weeks of your wedding planning process. Your photographer will probably ask you for a list of all the details you want to be photographed. But how much thought have you really put into it? 

I want to lighten your load a little bit by giving you my top tips on compiling your wedding details for your photographer. I want to help you make the most of these photos. Because ultimately, you can relive your wedding day over and over with your children and grandchildren by telling a story through all of your photos (including the details!)

Wedding Details Flat Lay at AC Hotel Greenville

It’s pretty common knowledge that your wedding photos are one of the most important things surrounding your wedding day. Besides your marriage, some leftover cake, your wedding dress, and maybe some dried flowers, the only thing you have to help you remember your wedding are your photos. 

Think about all that goes into planning your wedding: there are so many details, so many tiny intricacies that you put time and effort into planning and designing. You don’t want to forget them. You want to be able to show your children and grandchildren the meaningful details of your wedding day.

What Are Wedding Details?

Wedding detail photos is a catch all term for all of the things you have hand selected over your months of wedding planning. Table decor, florals, jewelry, and anything else that is unique to you and your story.

Those shoes you bought that match the lace of your dress perfectly? Let’s make sure you have a photo of them.

That handkerchief your grandma held during her wedding? Let’s make sure you have a photo of it in your hands.

Those invitations that you worked so hard on with your graphic designer? What if your spare copy gets lost or ruined? Let’s make sure you have a photo of all that time you spent designing them.

The cufflinks that your dad gifted you? Don’t forget about them.

So you don’t overlook anything, here’s a list of all the wedding details you might want photographed:

  1. Your engagement ring
  2. Your wedding band
  3. His wedding band
  4. Extra florals (Pro Tip: Ask your Floral Designer to provide some extra blooms that you can use for details photos… and be sure to ask her for these at least 4 weeks before the wedding)
  5. Your invitation suite (Save the Date, Invitation, RSVP card, Details card, RSVP envelope, Invitation envelope)
  6. Shoes (his and hers)
  7. Wedding Dress
  8. Pretty hanger for your wedding dress
  9. Wooden hanger for Groom’s Suit
  10. Groom’s Suit
  11. Groom’s Tie
  12. Groom’s Cuff Links
  13. Groom’s Watch
  14. Jewelry
  15. Veil and/or Headpiece
  16. Garter
  17. Perfume
  18. Groom’s Cologne
  19. Clutch
  20. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
  21. Your bouquet
  22. Boutonnieres
  23. Vow books
  24. Gifts & Notes to/from each other
  25. Extra ribbon that might have some significance to you
  26. Handkerchief that might be meaningful to you
  27. Guest Welcome Bags
  28. Guest Wedding Favors
  29. Any custom reception items (i.e., custom monogrammed cocktail napkins, name cards)
  30. Any other traditional items (i.e., bourbon you may be burying, etc.)

Now what to do with this list?

  1. Go through and decide what details you want photographed.
  2. Print your list.
  3. Share this list to your photographer. 
  4. Gather all your details. Place them in a box so your photographer doesn’t have to bother you and ask you for them on your wedding day.
  5. Bonus Tip: Add another copy of this list to the top of the box.
  6. Ask your MOH or Wedding Planner to make sure she packs this box with all your other belongings after the wedding.

There it is—a full list of wedding details to have photographed…AND what to do with the list. Did you see something on the list that you want to incorporate into your wedding but forgot about? 

Don’t have a photographer yet? Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.